Know 5 Big Parenting Mistakes Destroying Your Child’s Appetite

Most of the parents always seen worried about one particular thing that is their child eating enough or not? But perhaps they are unaware of their parental mistakes leading to killing the child’s appetite. Usually, parents are found stressed with the quantity of meal rather than quality. Moreover, in Indian homes, overfeeding is a satisfying tool for parents. So if you are also one of those parents who is linked with this fact they don’t complain why your child is very fussy about eating. We, as parents are highly responsible in a big way destroying our child’s appetite and make them fuss over food. There are some blunders that need to be avoided by us:

Mistake Number One – Let Child have Snacks in-between Meals:

Believing that taking a few cookies, an ice-cream or a small bar of chocolate during the evening stroll isn’t going to damage your child’s appetite at the dinner time then think again.  Because if the child is already filled with junk which is high in calories and takes time to digest then the child would definitely refuse to have more food. So keep this in your mind that permitting kids to have calorie dense snacks just before the mealtime can kill their appetite. It’s obvious that a child’s calorie intake is lower than an adult’s, so in case a ten-year-old kid requires 1000 calories a day and he is taking 300-400 calories from junk food then it is evident that the kid’s intake of food during mealtime would go down, told Dr. Atish Laddad, the founder of The Pediatric Network, Mumbai.

Mistake Number Two – Overfeed the Kid during his Meal Time:

Most of the mothers aren’t sure about portion control or moderation when they feed their child. Even if you are providing the home-cooked meal, overfeeding is definitely not the good think rather it would lead to an overload of calories on your kid’s metabolism which can further lead to lack appetite and bloating.

Mistake Number Three – Providing Heavy Meals:

Dr. Laddad states that a correct meal plan contains three main meals for a child and two snacks through the whole day. If parents are giving a heavy snack before the child’s lunchtime or dinnertime then it would certainly take time for the kid’s system to digest the same. This is why; parents should get disciplined while feeding the child. Provide the food on an appropriate time to help your apple of eyes digest it properly. There should always be a gap of at least 3 hours between each meal. It will allow your child’s system to get hungry again to gorge healthy food at next meal.

Mistake Number Four – Feeding ‘healthy labeled food’ without reading them accurately:

Every food available in the market with healthy food tagline isn’t really healthy. Before you fall for any such type of food, give the food product a reading at least. Feeding your child with fruit juices, thinking that it would make him full all the time and provide the essential nutrition then you are wrong. All food products don’t provide the promised nutrition. Therefore it is important to read the labels cautiously to understand how much nutrition you are offering to your kid in the course of these processed foods. Parents should notice that most of the processed foods contain a high level of sugar that can exceed kid’s regular caloric intake and make the child sluggish and lethargic.

Mistake Number Five: Feeding the Child on Uncertain Times:

It is also one of the biggest mistakes that parents usually do. All Parents should have a fixed schedule for different meals because if you provide a specific meal at different times then this is what upsets your child’s metabolism.

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