Aibo is Back to Life: Sony Brings Its AI Instilled Robotic Dog

Finally the news that was going around is correct; Sony is rebooting its dog that’s robotic by nature. Aibo, the AI-powered four legged new companion is coming with the same brand name but with enhanced look of more rounded corner and clear visible facial features for some more kawaii, which includes a pair of bright puppy like eyes. In this buzzing life people hardly have time for themselves and that’s Sony thought of making people’s life bit easier by bringing a robotic whom you don’t need to feed or perform any extra task for taking care. Once pioneer in the sphere of home robotics, the Japanese electronics-firm declared that over more than a decade its robot “canine pal” will resume to shelves with artificial-intelligence induced upgrades.

Aibo is a four legged, ivory-white puppy size of 30 centimetre plastic covered cute hound with a wagging black tail and flapping black ears. It is a specified kind of robotic pet that exactly behaves like a puppy, except it is powered by AI, not canine instinct, in order to learn and interact with the surroundings and its owner. The latest updated Aibo is now all jammed with a series of sensors, microphone, cameras, internet connection, along with far more advanced AI infused cloud computing for developing the personality of the dog.

For the eyes it has OLED screens for displaying a diverse range of emotions with a camera in the nose that can take snaps. But great advancement will be its enhanced actuator technology that allows it to move around smoothly and behave like real dogs. Sony says that the adaptive behaviour of Aibo is incredible that can actively seek out its owner, detect praised words, head and back scratches, smiles, petting, and much more. It also says; AI of Aibo learns by interacting with its owners and advances a unique personality over time.

Further, with permission from its owner, Aibo can collect data from such interactions made, then connect it to cloud and access the knowledge gathered from interactions from different owners for their Aibo to become cleverer. Thus, if you have no issue installing cameras roaming around then Aibo is just for you.

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