RAW’s 25th Anniversary Celebrated with Undertaker’s Return

With its 25th anniversary in 2018, RAW will celebrate the event with the return of Undertaker to the rings in his full glory again. Undertaker had made his last appearance in WrestleMania 33 when he lost against Roman Reign and has since been out of the whole wrestling lime light. 22nd January 2018 will be the day when RAW was first aired 25 years ago. To celebrate the silver jubilee of the show, the officials have declared in a press release that Undertaker or the Deadman will be one of the main stars of the whole line up that they have in place for the entertainment of the viewers.

The 25th birthday of RAW will be celebrated with two shows which will be running at the Barclays Center and Manhattan Centre simultaneously. The live show will be hosted at Barclays Centre while the legends show will be hosted in the Manhattan Centre at the exact same time. The Barclays Centre show will have a lineup of the hottest wrestling stars of both SmackDown as well as Raw. The Manhattan Centre, which hosted the first ever Raw show, will have stars like Undertaker, Diesel and Shawn Michaels to make the event dazzling among other brilliant players.

Although the appearance of the Undertaker in this show is most probably a one-time cameo, it will evoke a lot of nostalgia among the fans. RAW has a habit of evoking emotions by bringing in old players in their flagship shows like those of the 10th and 20th birth day along with the 100th episode that has been aired, and their 25th birthday extravaganza will be no different. It will only be a demo of what RAW would unleash on its upcoming episodes or seasons for the viewers’ entertainment.

When Undertaker lost to Roman Reign, he had broken the kayfabe and left his legendary hat and coat in the ring which was seen as the retirement of the legend, although there was no official declaration regarding the same. He did, however, made an appearance in an ESPN documentary.

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