Bad Habits that Make Your Heart Look Like Grandpa!!!

A recent study has revealed that people even in their 20s are facing heart problem. Most of the reasons for this ailing heart are not external but due to the bad eating and lifestyle habits of people. There is a lot going wrong when it comes to a healthy heart and body. The studies emphasized on the bad habits that make the human heart grow old. Wrong dietary habits were seen as the primary cause for heart and other organ diseases in the world. The over dependency on processed and junk food has led to people suffering from diabetes, stroke, bad cholesterol, liver disorder, heart and metabolic diseases. Having inadequate amounts of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, and fiber leads to clogged arteries and fat deposition around vital organs. Looking at the current metropolitan and global lifestyle people are required more to sit on desks in offices. Sitting for 9-10 hours at a stretch and consuming sugary and processed foods leads to obesity and deteriorating heart conditions.

Smoking is one factor which features in every heart disease list. Smoking leads to the blockage and clogging of arteries. Even if you quit smoking, things are unlikely to improve as the toxins in the body take time to flush out. The study saw that majority of smokers were also taking alcohol. Drinking and smoking go hand in hand. Red Wine does have some benefits but consuming large amounts of alcohol leads to coagulation of cells in the body and massively affects heart rate. For people suffering from diabetes, the risk of getting heart disease increases manifold on consumption of alcohol.

Snoring and excessive workout also contributes to increased heart diseases. Snoring leads to a medical condition called atherosclerosis which is the thickening of the arteries. This leads to low blood supply to the brain and high risk of stroke. Exercise looks like a viable option to stay fit and flush out the toxins from the body. However over exercising puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the body. Today most of the people work in closed gyms and thus the availability of oxygen to the muscle remain low. The stamina is reduced as blood does not get enough oxygen and extra pressure is put on the heart. It has been observed that people who slowly increase the intensity of the workout and have steady progress have a better heart condition.

Stress is a slow yet giant killer that increases the risk of heart diseases. Stress makes the heart slow and increases obesity. The case of stress increases in people who don’t socialize and remain lonely. Depression is one of the most significant factors contributing to deteriorating mental and cardiac health. In today’s fast-paced life, people often ignore warning signs. Even simple factors like acidity, burping, and stomach aches could be early signs of heart diseases.

Recent studies have shown that dental hygiene is also linked to a bad heart. Plaque buildup and eventual bacteria can grow in the gums. These can enter the bloodstream and form clot in the vessels. Well, there are significant other factors that lead to heart diseases but the study focuses majorly in these.

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