Twitter Brings New Update to Iconic 140-Char Tweet – Now Express Yourself in 280-Chars!

Twitter is one of the largest and well-known online news and social-networking services that has brought a new update to its iconic 140-character tweet. Twitter confirmed that after a global test, users will be able to tweet in 280-characters across the globe. The social-networking website “Twitter” will now make longer tweets the standard in all languages. Though Twitter hasn’t extended the character limit to some languages such as Chinese, Korean and Japanese as their alphabets allow users to speak more in fewer chars. According to the company, Asian languages are naturally capable of fitting more thoughts in few characters, for instance, the average length of Japanese tweet is just 15 characters.

Twitter in a blog post stated that the expanded character restriction would permit the users to express themselves in more words while retaining the brevity for which it is popular. In the previous restriction, 9 percent of tweets hit 140 chars but it is observed that during the test of expanded tweets only one percent of tweets hit 280 chars. The company believes that more space allows users to fit their thoughts in a single tweet, so the people could speak whatever they want to and send tweets quickly than before.

It is said that increasing the character limit of Twitter’s tweet risks disrupting its fast-moving, real-time nature of the social-site which encourages users to put their expansive thoughts in a single line. Twitter revealed that most of the users didn’t utilize the added real estate during its 280-characters test. Only five percent of tweets sent during the test and only two percent exceeded their 190-character limit.

Even though the company has expanded its character limit, the timeline reading experience won’t change substantially as users would be able to view the same amount of tweets in their timelines. Twitter has made their new update available to all users across the world from Tuesday.

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