Waymo: The First Company to Launch Driverless Cars on US Roads

The autonomous vehicle division Waymo, which belongs to the parent company of Google i.e. Alphabet has been operating its driverless vehicle on the streets of Arizona since the middle of September 2017 without any humans at all. The company is said to be inviting people soon to take a drive in their new mini vans.

Earlier this year, CEO, John Krafcik of Waymo had invited some reporters to Castle, the training ground for their driverless cars but hadn’t announced anything about the cars being driven in the public roads. But at a tech conference in Lisbon, he announced that they had been doing it all along without the knowledge of public.

Waymo states that the cars will be confined to a 100 square miles area within Chandler for the time being till the vehicles have gathered more data by making a few more trips that are required after which the area of coverage for the cars will be increased. The company also states that for the time being, company personnel for the time being who will be seated behind the drivers’ seat, but the scenario will be changing soon. Waymo has also been running an early riders program since April 2017 which has a list of volunteers signed up and they will be the first ones to take a ride in their new technology based driverless minivans, not anyone who wishes to drive will be allowed on the cars.

Krafcik declared that they have a vehicle which is far better than those developed by competitors owing to the enhanced technology used in the cars which provides it with a view of the world in 360 degrees that helps the car to be far more autonomous workability. The company has tied up with automobile giants like Fiat Chrysler, Avis and Lyft for future ventures.

Waymo says that the tests are being done with permission from the local government who are more than happy to oblige but most of the test results are one sided due to non-existent driverless vehicle laws.

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