Google Will Give $1,000 For Finding Errors In These Leading Apps

Google will provide safety experts $1,000 as bug reward to find errors in some top apps of Android. The decision is targeted to make Google Play Store bug free by cleaning them. Google already operates its own bug reward programs for Android, Chrome, and websites. With this, the firm is now extending the program to add some of the most well-liked apps of Android on Google Play Store.

Google Will Give $1,000 For Finding Errors In These Leading Apps

“Since the Android ecology develops, we carry on to spend in innovative ideas to reinforce security. Our aim is to continue making Android a secure computing platform by motivating our hackers and app developers to work together to solve unidentified vulnerabilities, we are one step nearer to that target,” claimed director of product management for Google Play, Vineet Buch, to the media in an interview.

The search major has engaged with HackerOne, the management website of bug reward program, for this. Below the program, developers of most of the well-liked apps of Android are being invited to begin hacker-fueled safety programs on HackerOne. Google Play will offer a bonus prize of $1,000 to hackers who will find out the vulnerabilities. Developers can get the apps at the page of Google Play Security Reward Program on HackerOne that are selected in this process. The HackerOne website claims that more apps will be included to the page over time since more developers participate.

“For now, the range of this program is restricted to proof of concepts (POCs) and corresponding remote code execution (RCE) vulnerabilities that operate on Android 4.4 gadgets and above. This interprets to any RCE vulnerability that permits a hacker to operate code of their choice on device of a user without user permission or knowledge,” claims HackerOne on its site. All Google-designed Android apps obtainable on Google Play are claimed to be added in the list.

Here are some of the top apps that Google will pay $1,000 bounty for:

Organization/Developer: Alibaba

Package Name:

Organization/Developer: Dropbox

Package Name:, com.dropbox.paper

Organization/Developer: Duolingo

Package Name: com.duolingo

Organization/Developer: Headspace

Package Name:

Organization/Developer: Line

Package Name:

Organization/Developer: Mail.Ru

Package Name:; ru.mail.auth.totp;; ru.mail.calendar

Organization/Developer: Snapchat

Package Name:

Organization/Developer: Tinder

Package Name: com.tinder

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