Make Easier System For Reporting Rape Videos: SC To WhatsApp

The Supreme Court has commanded popular messenger service WhatsApp to perk up its redressal system to make it trouble-free for lodging objections against distribution of videos viewing sexual aggression and also restraining them. It also requested the government to make an organizational method to obtain information of every child pornography, gang rape or rape videos being scattered. This centralized organization, to be set up beneath the sponsorship of the CBI or the bureau of home affairs, will preserve information of images, videos and hash banks to recognize hashes of all identified child pornography, gang rape and rape images.

Make Easier System For Reporting Rape Videos: SC To WhatsApp

The SC also recommended development of keywords, which when typed may flash text messages forewarning the customer against the investigation as it might lead to child pornography sites. For rape and gang rape images and videos, the court stated that the government and companies must propose the keywords. The classification was dictated throughout in-camera measures on October 23. On the other hand, it was uploaded on the certified website of the court few days back.

The SC is hearing a petition started by it on a note it received in the month of February, 2015 from a NGO, based in Hyderabad; Prajwala in opposition to the posting of gang rape or rape videos on WhatsApp. “WhatsApp must make further development in their reporting method which would allow simpler reporting of the unwanted contents in the whatsApp while upholding the reliability of the metadata and contents accessible on cell phone at the time of exposure,” read the high-powered commission’s commendation, which a bench started by Justice MB Lokur stated should be abided.

The SC said  apart hotline which should be recognized for reporting, with the choice for caller to stay behind unidentified, against the distribution. The administration has been asked to put together precise parameters to identity gang rape and rape videos. The court advised the Center to ask local police to record FIR and start prosecution on getting complaints against posting of brutal sexual images, videos online and submit the matter to CBI.


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