O’Rear Did It Once Again

Charles O’Rear the photographer of the most viewed photograph was born in the year 1941. This American photographer has given the image Bliss, which is included in the Windows XP.

To give a rough estimate, around 1 Billion people have seen the iconic wallpaper Bliss of the Windows XP. Now after the duration of 21 years, he has come again with the next generation of the wallpapers and they too have created that blissful magic.

O’Rear said that he even now enjoys the credit of being the photographer of the most viewed photo and the Microsoft Bliss photograph has a very important place in his life and career.

O’Rear Did It Once Again

This time, he is working on a new project that completely focuses on the smartphone users. This project is named New Angles of America. O’Rear is quite thrilled to work for Lufthansa and is planning to share his views about the beautiful places that he has explored. He has expressed his delight in being part of this interesting project which is mainly for the smartphones.

In this photo shoot, he completely focussed on the smartphone users to capture the next generation wallpapers. His new photographs are named as Maroon Bells (Colorado), Peek-A-Boo Slot (Utah), and White Pocket (Arizona).

In the year 1996, O’Rear was driving through the Napa and Sonoma regions to visit his girlfriend where he captured the image of the lush hillside on the highway 12/121 side. This image was captured with the help of a hand-held medium-format Mamiya RZ67 camera. This image was at first sent to the American advertising and licensing company–Corbis. In the year 2000, Microsoft gained the rights of the photograph just a year before launching their Windows XP.

It was Microsoft who gave the name Bliss to the image and was used as the default theme for the Windows XP operating system. The success of Windows XP also gained popularity to the photograph and it became one of the most viewed images in history.

The reason why Microsoft chose this image is it wanted to illustrate the experience that the users would have experienced while working with the operating system.

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