Skyhigh Networks To Be Acquired By McAfee

McAfee, the global security firm, has declared it is procuring Skyhigh Networks in an attempt to strengthen its new cloud business unit. McAfee is again a separate business after it was drawn out from Intel in an agreement with TPG—before 8 Months.

The security firm said that the pact will enable it to build up a more sophisticated cyber-security framework that swathes cloud control points and endpoint. However, the conditions of the takeover were not revealed, but Skyhigh Networks was previously priced at $400 Million, as per TechCrunch.

Skyhigh Networks To Be Acquired By McAfee

However, it was corroborated that Rajiv Gupta, CEO of Skyhigh, will join team lead by Chris Young, CEO of McAfee, as part of the agreement. He will be accountable for operating the cloud business unit of the company.

The existing organizational framework of Skyhigh will stay the same, making certain there is a degree of continuity for partners and customers. Young said the agreement will reinforce the position of his company in the cloud security market. He said, “Skyhigh Networks had the prescience before 5 Years to realize that cyber-security for cloud environments cannot be a hindrance to, or postscript of, cloud implementation.”

Young further added, “Skyhigh’s headship in cloud security, together with the security portfolio strength of McAfee McAfee, will place the firm apart in assisting organizations to run securely and freely to attain their complete potential.” Gupta said, “Becoming McAfee’s part is the perfect next step in understanding the vision of Skyhigh Networks of not merely making the cloud safe, but making it the most protected setting for business.”

Across the world, McAfee cyber-security solutions look after over quarter-of-a-billion endpoints within each device category, deliver service to almost two-thirds of the 2,000 biggest firms of the world and protect over 200 Million customers every day. India is among the fastest budding markets in the APAC region for McAfee.

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