Google Maps Receive Two-Wheeler Mode In India

Search behemoth Google keeps on launching new upgrades for its applications so as to improve the user experience. Leveling up with the current fashion, the firm, in the app of Google Maps, has launched a new mode in India first.

In the Google Maps, the firm has rolled out a Two-wheeler mode. The Two-wheeler mode comes into view with all the other modes of driving on the application. The two-wheeler mode is particularly developed for the market in India. With the assistance of this mode, bike users will now be allowed to find their way from one location to other. Similar to any other mode, when a consumer chooses this mode, the map will display an icon of bike on the map in addition to the time it will consumer to get to the destination.

Google Maps Receive Two-Wheeler Mode In India

In an authorized blog post, the firm claimed, “The new two-wheeler mode in the app displays trip paths that employ shortcuts not available for trucks and cars. It also offers modified arrival time and traffic estimations. And since so many users in India depend on domestic landmarks for finding the way, two-wheeler mode will display chief major landmarks on the path so that consumers can prepare for their trip prior to starting, and do not have to keep glancing at the handset on the go.”

The new function is obtainable in the app of Google Maps with version 9.67.1. Currently, the function is only obtainable for users of Android and is anticipated to roll out soon on iOS too.

Previous month, Google declared some new functions and a design renovation for its Google Assistant, Maps, Earth, Search, and Android Auto. As fraction of the design refurbishment, the app will receive updated navigation, driving, and exploring. It will transit the maps to better underline the data most pertinent to each experience.

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