Social Media Can Assist Individuals Lose Weight

Sharing your journey of weight loss on social media can enhance the chances of productively getting off the additional kilos, a research has discovered. Scientists tested the role of public commitment and virtual communities in reaching and setting goals for weight loss. “Our study discovers that people are more probable to realize accomplishment with personal objectives when they make an open promise to achieving them,” claimed assistant professor in the U.S. at University of California, Tonya Williams Bradford, to the media in an interview.

Social Media Can Assist Individuals Lose Weight

“By sharing setbacks and success on social media in virtual support groups, we discovered that individuals are attaining enhanced results,” Bradford claimed. “This works particularly well with objectives such as weight loss, where after and before pics can be posted online with members of other community,” he claimed. The study followed 2 groups of weight loss, non-surgical and surgical, over a period of 4 Years. Candidates of both groups of weight loss utilized virtual support teams, such as and, as fraction of their programs.

“Via our study we discovered that public commitment, which is an announcement of a position, elevates the odds of fulfillment to a procedure and is an important part of a triumphant plan for weight loss,” Bradford claimed. “When people looking for lose weight join a virtual support group and post their plans online to achieve their objectives, they invite candidates to join them by providing support in both actions and words,” he claimed.

“This swap over of online support makes adherence easy to the offline objective of losing weight. Public liability is the answer,” he claimed. The research, posted in the Journal of Interactive Marketing, also discovered that virtual support groups provide an exceptional environment that permits members relative accessibility, anonymity, flexibility, and availability in how they show themselves on their voyages.

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