Volkswagen To Set Up 2,800 Us Charging Stations For Electric Car

Electrify America, the Volkswagen AG unit, this week claimed that it aims to set up 2,800 charging stations for electric car in 17 of the biggest cities of the U.S. by the end of June 2019. The charging stations will be situated at approximately 500 locations, with almost 75% of them at places of work and the remaining at multifamily dwellings, for instance, residential buildings and apartment.

Volkswagen To Set Up 2,800 Us Charging Stations For Electric Car

The German auto manufacturer has decided to invest $800 Million in California and a sum of $2 Billion all over the nation on clean vehicle infrastructure as fraction of its deal after confessing for cheating in diesel emissions. “One of the largest challenges to the mass-market acceptance of electric cars is authorization to chargers,” Electrify America‚Äôs chief executive officer, Mark McNabb, claimed to the media in an interview.

Major auto manufacturers such as Ford Motor Co. and General Motors Co. have declared plans to roll out whole families of electric cars in the upcoming couple of years in a straight challenge to loss-making Tesla Inc. Tesla is grappling to get its high-volume and more affordable Model 3 launched. It lately posted its biggest-ever loss of the quarter. One issue the auto sector must overcome for mass acceptance of electric cars is a shortage of charging infrastructure all over the nation for usage by users.

Electrify America claimed that it has chosen charging station firms EV Connect, SemaConnect, and Greenlots to set them up. “There has not been a noteworthy catalyst yet for increasing up the figure of charging stations,” vice president at Greenlots for market development, Scott Fisher, claimed to the media in an interview. “This is an unparalleled chance to assist make the electric car infrastructure we requiem all over the U.S.,” he claimed.

The scandal of diesel emissions has so far cost the company almost $30 Billion.

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